"Les nouveaux modèles des agences de communication"
- Les agences One projet/One team évoluent car elles peuvent aussi être constituées par des salariés de l'entreprise, des freelances ou des concultants recrutés par le service communication de l'annonceur.
"The Hollywood model"
- Hollywood provides some reference. Specifically, Ocean's Eleven and the approach George Clooney takes when he lands a backer for the ultimate casino heist. His solution calls for a crack team of specialists - Matt Kendall
"The agency of the future is not an agency"
- "No structure, even an artificial one, enjoys the process of entropy. It is the ultimate fate of everything, and everything resists it." - Philip K. Dick
Alberto Maccari
Creative & design director
Our experts
Cristina Dunas
Project Manager
Virginie van Robby
Ali Okumusoglu
Social media manager
Guillaume Dochy
UX & Motion designer
Nick Klenske
Sofie Clemens
Graphic designer

What We Do

Visual identity, event branding & campaign branding
Communication strategy and plans, marketing planning & AIDA model
Website development, Social media presence & social media campaigns
Designing and organizing events & special occasions
Classic media
Editorial content, creative design and production & print exhibition stands
Content creation
Video production, photo shooting, motion design & podcasts
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