Drive safely DriveBy rewards you!

DriveBy is an innovative application that aims to improve road safety by rewarding diligent drivers in a fun and entertaining way. The less you use your mobile phone while driving the more points you will accumulate based on miles and speed. Thanks to the network of companies and partners users will receive discounts and coupons to use via the app

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Thanks to the mobile phone's motion sensors, we can calculate the distance, speed and movement of the device itself. The DriveBy application is based on these parameters and aims to implement road safety, which today sees many accidents caused by the inconsiderate use of our inseparable mobile phones.

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White Rabbit's social media communication strategy aims to treat such an important topic with a fun approach in order to support gamification and encourage people to download the app.

In the first phase of the launch and awareness-raising process, a simple and clear visual format was created using the basic elements of mobile communication, emoji.

By combining and adapting icons that we all use in chats every day, we developed complex concepts for the three strands of daily ads on Instagram and Facebook - Awareness, Promotion and Partner presentation.

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